Scriptural Stations of the Cross

These Scriptural Stations of the Cross by Fr David Stewart SJ help us to pray with the Passion of Christ and journey with Jesus to the Cross.

In each of the Stations, there can be three moments which we call, ASK, PRAY and NOTICE. We’re all invited to imagine ourselves really present in the Gospel episodes, seeing and hearing all the people, Jesus as well, and perhaps even becoming one of the participants. Let Jesus look at you in the scene; let him even speak to you. Notice anything you’d like to say to him. And say it. He’s listening! You may find it appropriate to sing a song or chant at the end of each station, or listen to one if praying on your own.

Pray with the material as you are drawn to do so. If you are leading a group you may wish to shorten the reflections or add your own prayers.

A  version of the Scriptural Stations of the Cross which can be printed as a booklet is also available.