Scripture from Scratch - The New Testament

This course is an accessible way in to the riches of the New Testament. We will consider its historical, cultural and political background, and explore how the New Testament as we have it today took shape in the first centuries of the Church’s life. We will look at the different kinds of literature it contains, and examine in closer detail the accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The course will include input, and time for reflection and discussion.


  • Introduction to the historical, geographical, cultural, political and religious background to the New Testament.
  • The centrality of the Paschal Mystery.
  • The formation of the New Testament.
  • Study of the different types of literature contained in the New Testament (e.g. gospel, letter, parable, miracle story).
  • The use of the New Testament in the Church today.


Week 1:
PDF iconScripture from Scratch - The New Testament - Session 1



Week 2:
PDF iconScripture from Scratch - The New Testament - Session 2

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