Praying with a labyrinth

A labyrinth on the floor of a church.

Often, it can feel difficult to find a way to create a sacred space with God. We are so used to our home environments, especially after being stuck indoors due to the pandemic this past year, that we may not feel that we are moving forward and journeying with God at all. Feeling stuck and experiencing difficulties in conversing with God is very normal.

When on retreat, especially at St Beuno’s, the Prayer Labyrinth has drawn many of us in curiosity. Looking at the Labyrinth, we perhaps desire to know: What is at the centre? What will we discover on the journey? And, do I have the patience to get there?

“…walking the labyrinth is not a practice for making ‘progress’ per se, or even about reaching a certain destination. It is a practice of seeing and perceiving everyday routines, habits, ad infinitum, in a new kind of light…Perhaps the spirituality of the labyrinth is rooted in the awareness that the greener grass is the grass under our feet, the grass that will life once again when we lift our foot to take the next step” (Travis Scholl, 2014, Walking the Labyrinth: A Place to Pray and Seek God, pg. 126) 

All the wonderful things that may arise as a result of taking a walk in a Prayer Labyrinth may be experienced, to some degree, in the comfort of our own homes too. Even though we may not have a finger labyrinth to hand, a printable finger labyrinth can be a great way to enter into conversation with God and to go deeper.

You can download an exercise to try at home below, as well as a finger labyrinth diagram to print off. Or you could try to make your own or buy one to hold. 

Sophie Witherstone

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