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Videos of three courses offered in the Living Theology series for 2020

The Last Supper Today

Fr. Michael Smith SJ

This course will explore what we can learn about the Eucharist as it is today from the writings in the Old and New Testaments. When we take part in the Eucharist we are taking part in a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. The course includes an examination of the Old Testament understanding of sacrifice, the New Testament writing about the Passover, and references to the way Eucharist was understood and celebrated in the very early church.

Participant's Comments:  "Excellent... This course was concise and traced really well the origins of the Eucharist. Particularly interesting was highlighting the gospel of John"

"Very clearly delivered with a sequential approach that was easy to follow - thank you!"


A Synodal Church?

Dr Anne Faulkner

A Synodal Church Pope Francis said. “The journey of synodality is the journey that God wants from his church in the third millennium” He explained that the word ‘Synod’ means “walking together – laity, pastors, the Bishop of Rome

It is an easy concept to express in words, but is not so easy to put into practice.”

Synodality has its roots in the New Testament and we shall look at synodality and decision-making in the early church, particularly as described in Acts of the Apostles, and ask how or if, the process can operate in the very different church of the 21st century.

Participant's Comments: "Dr Anne is wonderfully easy to listen too. I learned a lot about the early church and loved the references to Pope Francis. Excellent."  "I found Anne’s sessions incredibly engaging and affirming. Her presentations where very clear and flowed really well."


Feeling our Way to God

Fr. Eric Studt SJ

“Is Fear a Religious Virtue?”  “Can Love Be Commanded?” "Have 'Shame and contrition' changed their meanings?"

Fr Eric will lead us in a fun and approachable way of bringing the philosophy of emotions into conversation with theologies of fear, love and shame.

Our understanding of feelings such as 'fear, shame and love' has changed dramatically since these concepts were first introduced into the Christian tradition. This course will help us understand some central concepts of faith and allow us to explain them better to our 21st Century world.

Participant's Comments:  "I loved Fr Eric's synthesis of philosophy of the emotions and virtue ethics, plus spiritual practices, to help deepen our prayer life and our capacity to live out the gospel in our relationships with others."

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