A Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred heart of Jesus by Stephen B Whatley

This novena is for the nine days leading to the Feast of the Sacred Heart. You may pray the novena privately, in your family, in a parish group or with your neighbours or friends. Don't rush, pausing when something strikes you. There is a theme for each day, and you end with the Novena Prayer.

So, what does this feast mean to us today? We are made for love. How we all long to love and to be loved. Of course statues and pictures of the Sacred Heart will be very poor images of God’s love. What could show it? 

Fr Simon Bishop SJ reflects: "When I was a young boy, I remember going into my parents’ bedroom where, together, we would say night prayer. Above their bed was this lovely little statue of a rather fat-bellied man, with rosy cheeks and the biggest of smiles. His arms were held open wide and underneath were the words; “I love you this much!” Again, it was only a faint image of the love I received from my parents and an even fainter image of the love we receive from God, but it gave me an image. It was, of course, an image of the Cross."

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