Meditations on the love of God

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Welcome to 'Meditations on the Love of God', a short retreat based on the works of Spanish Franciscan, Diego de Estella which were translated by the Jesuit martyr and poet Robert Southwell SJ in the late sixteenth century. Entitled 'A Hundred Meditations on the Love of God', the poetic reflections pivot around a sense of wonder at the love of God and of Christ, for both us and creation.

Translating these meditations would have been a long task for Southwell, indicating that they must have captured him in some way. We have selected extracts from seven of the meditations in the hope that you too might grasp some of that wonder felt by Southwell. If you would like to find out more about the history of these meditations and how they were translated, the Archives from Jesuits in Britain have provided some information available on the Jesuits in Britain website.

To enter more deeply into the extracts, there will be a short reflection following each one, kindly written by Fr Brian McClorry SJ, to help stir our affection towards God. We hope that this short retreat will enliven your own love for God.

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