Living Life in Full in Lockdown

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This is a prayer to help me reflect on how I’m living in lock-down and how I might live more fully for the remainder of this time. To do this, I imagine myself with Jesus, looking back over lock-down so far.  Then, after looking back, Jesus and I talk about the time of lock-down yet to be lived. Together, we imagine this time so that I might live it to the full and with a deep trust in God’s plans for a future full of hope for me.  

In John’s gospel (10:10) Jesus says, ‘I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full.

The prophet Jeremiah (29: 11) describes God as saying, ‘I know the plans I have in mind for you; plans for peace, not disaster, reserving a future full of hope for you.’

I might write as I pray, or express this time through drawing if that helps me.


I begin by relaxing and settling into stillness. I notice the natural rythmn of my breath and gives thanks for the life it gives me. I am in God’s presence.  

I imagine that today I am meeting Jesus to reflect on what lock-down has been like for me. I visualise where we meet.

Jesus joins me.  What is this like? He asks me to share my experience of lock-down so far with him.  He listens attentively and lovingly as I let memories, experiences and feelings surface without censoring or judging.

Jesus tells me what he has noticed about me in lock-down.

What am I grateful for? What has given me life? When have I been the person I would love to be? What shows glimpses of me living my life that would delight Jesus?

If there is one moment of lock-down so far that I could relive, what would this be? I also share difficult times and moments of regret. Is there anything I had wished I had done differently?

I speak with Jesus as a good and trusted friend about all that arises. I sense Jesus’ love for me as he holds with kindness my moments of greatest life and gratitude and my moments of struggle and regret.

Next, Jesus asks me to imagine my hopes, longings and dreams are for the next days of lock-down. I allow myself to imagine how would I love to be? We imagine, talk and dream about things I do or don’t do, things I know and don’t know; we speak about what I would love to change or explore. What do I want for myself? What do I want in my relationships with others?

I hear him say, ‘I know the plans I have in mind for you; plans for peace, not disaster, reserving a future full of hope and life for you.’   I listen as Jesus shares his life-filled hopes and desires for me for this next period of lockdown. How do I respond to his words?

What do I want to ask Jesus for as I go into these next days? I ask Jesus what he wants for me.

I give thanks for what I have experienced and bring my prayer to a close in whatever way feels right to me. 

Then, perhaps with a cup of tea, I spend some time reflecting on my prayer.  The following questions might be helpful:

  • How do I feel now?
  • What feels important?
  • What do I love about my life?
  • How do I want to live differently?

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