The Twelve Days: 10 - Magi bearing gold

Published on 04 Jan 2018
Magi bearing a box with gold in it

Sister Elizabeth Mary

I wonder about the journey you’ve had
since that life-changing first glimpse of the star blazing brightly.
Did your restlessness stop at that moment?
Was there an inner quietening at the sight after all the years of study, searching and patient waiting?
The star lighting the way ahead,
the star that beckoned,
the star that filled you with a spiritual confidence that you could trust and a deep inner longing to discover its significance, to follow where it led...
I wonder how you summoned the courage for the departure,
that first footstep over the threshold,
the pain of letting go of the security of home,
the sadness of leaving the love of family and friends,
for a unknown destination, a difficult journey,
no map, no satnav, just the guidance of that star...
I wonder, did you doubt your journey at the star’s disappearance?
Yet you did not give up but sought help at Herod’s palace.
You had to turn to another human in the seeming absence of divine guidance.
I hope that you never learnt that your simple question ‘Where is the infant king of the Jews’ unleashed such fear in Herod, such a wave of violence –
suffering looming...
I wonder about your arrival at the stable.
I guess that you would not have expected the poverty, the humility of that scene.
You are tall, you would have had to stoop low to enter,
except for your royal robes and crown, you left your worldly wealth outside.
As you stepped across the threshold, did you sense the promise ‘my kingdom is not of this world’?
You entered with just one box in your hand, your most treasured possessions,
they have come a long way with you…the box is already open
there is no holding back, no clutching on to what is ‘mine’
the gifts are spilling out –
worldly riches of gold, frankincense and myrrh,
spiritual gifts of love, homage and total self- offering...
I wonder about your gaze upon the helpless babe.
Rest awhile here after the arduous long journey,
Stand in the simple presence of Mary, Joseph and the lowly shepherds,
Adore the child,
Give yourself, your time, your love….
I wonder about your leaving,
Transformed at the sight of the Word made flesh,
How will you bring yourself to say ‘goodbye’?
That first footstep back across the threshold,
Back into the world –
But a world transfigured,
Transfigured by the presence of God made man.
The journey home will be unfamiliar, a different route, a new adventure
The going will not simply be a reversal of the coming, all is new
new hope in despair
new faith in doubt,
new confidence in fear,
new light in darkness …
 Box filled with riches