Godtalk: Spirited Soundbites

Published on 23 Jan 2014

Some thoughts from the ‘Jesuit Calendar 2014’ may be helpful in finding God in all things.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings who have a human experience.  Teilhard de Chardin SJ

An optimist, in my view,  is someone who has the conviction that God knows, can do and will do what is best for humankind. Pedro Arrupe SJ

When you get rid of your fear of failure and your tensions about succeeding you can be yourself. You are no longer driving with your brakes on.  Anthony de Mello SJ

To be an apostle doesn’t mean wearing some special insignia on your coat.  It doesn’t mean talking about the truth but living it, becoming incarnate in it, transformed into Christ.   It doesn’t mean carrying a torch, possessing the light,  but to be the light.  Albert de Hurtado SJ

Someday, after we have mastered winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energy of love;  and for the second time in the history of the world, humanity will have discovered fire.  Teilhard de Chardin SJ

No moment can be wasted, no opportunity missed, since each has a purpose in our life, each has a purpose in God’s plan.  Think of your day, today or yesterday.  Think of the work you did, the people you met, moment by moment.  What did it mean to you? And what might it have meant for God?  Is the question too simple to answer or are we just afraid to ask it for fear of the answer we must give?  Walter Ciszek SJ 

To commemorate the 200th anniversary this year of the restoration of the Society of Jesus by Pope Pius VII, the Jesuits in Britain have produced a special calendar for 2014. The calendar features illustrations of 12 Jesuits from across the world who have been active in various ministries over the past 200 years. 

Peter Knott SJ

www.jesuit.org.uk/calendar2014 gives details of the Jesuits featured above.