St Beuno's, High Summer

Published on 26 Aug 2018

by John Lansey

Tree-tunnels of so many shades of green!

Plumped up like clouds in the high summer sky,

With further greens on hedges, creepers, turf,

And flourishing through it all, dragon-flies flash.

Yet each green glows unique, blending together

Both dark and light, bright patches and deep shades,

While copper and white chestnut candles are fading

And thin top branches ripple against the sky.


But is my joyous response just formed from memory and culture,

Or God-made, God-seen beauty beyond my viewing,

His fashioned thisnesses? And thus with people,

Constant kaliedescope of every soul-relation,

But patterned for his kingdom? Let me be

Part of his pattern, preparing for his shading.