Published on 25 Oct 2018

by Jennifer McGuigan


                       Silent as the grave from which He rose,

                       Watching, waiting in sweet repose.

                                    In silence,  I come.


                       Liberated, seeking only with Him to be,

                       Listening for a word that He might say to me.

                                    In silence,  I come.


                       Amid the noise and bustle and need for conversation,

                       Blotting out the world, sitting in quiet contemplation.

                                     In silence,  I come.


                       Where all are equal; no need to give account,

                       No recriminations, evaluations, all anxieties surmount.

                                     In silence,  I come.


                       His peace and love surround me; it has done from the start,

                       Guiding, sustaining; I feel it in my heart.

                                     In silence,  I come.


                       I come into His presence, spend time with Him alone,

                       Knowing He is with me; that for my sins He did atone.

                                     As in silence……..I come.


(Written while on retreat at St Beuno’s, September 2018)