Rock roses and the septic tank

Published on 19 Jun 2018
Rock Roses

by Sr Anne Morris DHS

The photo is of Rock Roses flourishing on top of the septic tank. The beauty of roses and the humus of manure are contrasting images of God’s creation. It’s not only ‘where there’s muck there’s money’. Where there’s muck there are beautiful blooms. These roses flower for one day only, but are replaced the next day by equally beautiful blossoms. Not only do they survive in dry, poor soil, they in fact do best in such conditions. Flowers, like people, flourish best in the soil best suited to their genes.

When passing through this part of the garden I also think of the person who donated the money for it. Fr. Charles Marmion came regularly to St. Beuno’s for spiritual direction and left in his will a sum of money for the gardens. It arrived just as the planting scheme for the septic tank was about to move from paper to reality. I’m sure he smiles on us from heaven seeing his money put to such good effect.