The Rock Chapel Key

Published on 18 Jul 2018

by Sr Anne Morris DHS

During the same era, when Ged was camping and knocking at the back door, Heather Batterbee was ringing the front door bell. Many of you will know Heather as a smiling, cheerful presence in the kitchen. She has worked at St. Beuno's for nearly 32 years and is a local girl. Heather recounts the many occasions when she and her friends would come to the front door and ask for the key of the Rock Chapel. The response was always the same from the black gowned Jesuit who came to the door. 'Certainly.' After the first occasion, the children were trusted to go and fetch it from its hook, but they always rang the doorbell first to ask and got the same response. 'Certainly.' So much conveyed in one word. Heather has many happy memories of playing for whole days around the Rock Chapel and the chapel itself was used as shelter when it rained and for picnics. Enid Blyton eat your heart out!