Remember me

Published on 29 Nov 2021
A carved stone cross in a graveyard.

by Jenn McGuigan


Do you ever think of me?

Ever give me a second thought?

How I died in pain,

That my death your freedom bought.


Of all the wounds that I suffered,

My body covered in blood,

Crying out for God to help me

Lying alone and cold in the mud.


My friends have all deserted me,

Their own lives to save,

So that they could tell the stories

Of those now dead, yet who were brave.


The crosses on the hillside

Mark our final resting place.

Rows and rows of gravestones,

Names without a face.


And there’s another figure

Who on a hillside died alone.

Cold, wounded and soaked in blood

As for our sins He did atone.


Nailed to that Cross,

A cursed death of shame,

Obedient to His Father.

It was for this He came.


The Cross became His symbol

For all the world to see.

The Eucharist He gave us, saying,

“Do this in remembrance of Me”


In His Love all are forgiven.

From the grave all are set free.

Do not forget our sacrifice

Please….Remember Me.