Reflections from the Rock Chapel

Published on 20 Jul 2021
The Rock Chapel at St Beuno's, from the archive.

by David Tanner

My very first visit to St Beuno’s was during a very chilly February 2012 for a midweek Individually Guided Retreat (IGR).  This was also my first experience of a silent retreat and Ignatian spirituality.  So a momentous occasion all round.  This was a particularly significant time for me as I was seeking clarity from God on the direction to take after taking a voluntary redundancy from my job in the NHS after 34 years.  At my first meeting with my spiritual director for the retreat she suggested a passage for me to read.  Amazingly I had been studying this passage the day before starting the retreat.  This set a theme for our meetings. The next day she suggested a passage, and I had been reading that passage only an hour before. 

The next day I decided to go up to the Rock Chapel before our meeting.  It was a dark, freezing cold February morning. Consequently, I only spent a few minutes up there and just read the passage that the bible was open at, huddling round a candle for warmth and light.  You know what’s coming next - at our meeting she suggested that very passage for me.  If ever I needed confirmation that God was at work and speaking, there it was.

I have since returned for further IGRs and quiet days, and always find a sense of the presence of God at St Beuno’s and very specifically in the Rock Chapel.

Thank you for providing such a special place.