Published on 29 Mar 2017

by Aileen Urquhart

How frail a grain you seem. My cruel need

Has crushed you lifeless. What is there to see?

Husk, hanging, caught on quartered tree.

Shell, split, disintegrated seed.

And am I happy now? A god am I?

What sweet revenge to have you in my power!

But no. The cup I brew is black and sour,

And I am darker than a blind man’s eye.

Come…. back….. My nothingness I own.

You ….gone….. I am all alone.


But look! What cosmic shining shakes the night

Awake. What harvest feasts my hungry gaze.

With rich and golden beauty you amaze

The waiting world.  I tremble in your light.

Oh I am happy now, You are my Lord.

Your sweet forgiveness holds me in your power.

I drink your cup of life, and find in our

Reunion, my integrity restored.

In you, in you, all we frail seeds of earth

Find life, death, and glorious new birth.