Pass it on!

Published on 31 Aug 2021
Hand holding loose change.

by Marvic Sammut

I waited, rather apprehensively, at the Bus Stop. That morning I had taken my car for the regular service and then caught the bus to work. I was to collect my car by six o’clock in the evening and I was tight on time.

I opened my purse to prepare the bus fare.  To my dismay, I found I only had a ten euro note; no small change. The bus driver was not going to be happy. But I hoped for the best.

The bus arrived and I presented the ten euro note and my apologies to the driver. He tersely told me that he did not have any small change. Oh dear, what was I to do? I desperately turned to the other passengers and asked if someone could change my ten euro note. I was met with blank looks.

As I was about to turn round to leave the bus, a gentle voice behind me said, “How much do you need?”. I turned to find a young man who had just come onto the bus. I hesitated for a few seconds and then replied, “I need two euros please.”. He immediately paid my bus fare as well as his. I felt overwhelmed by this act of kindness. He was surely an angel in disguise. I asked him to change my ten euro note please, so that I’ll pay him back my fare. “Please, don’t worry”, he replied, “Pass it on. When the opportunity comes, you may pay someone else’s bus fare.” I thanked him wholeheartedly and we sat down in our seats.

More than two years have passed since I was blessed with this act of kindness and I have, thankfully, had the opportunity to “pass on” that bus fare. It has repeatedly occurred to me that it is not only a bus fare which I may pass on. I may pass on a smile, a kind word, a thoughtful gesture, a phone call or an encouraging text message… there are countless ways one may “pass on” a blessing.

Recently, during a prayer meeting, the prayer guide invited us to place any worries or concerns in God’s hands. As I did so, it occurred to me that I was again “passing on” something. This time, however, it was my worries and concerns that I was passing on and not a smile or a kind word. I was, however, certainly passing them on into safe hands, trusting them to God who, in His infinite Greatness and Love, is able to bring good, healing and peace even out of tragedies, pain and sadness. This was another way of “passing it on”.

So, whether it is a smile or a sadness, let’s not keep it to ourselves… let’s “pass it on”!