Men for Others: An Ignatian exploration of male spirituality, relationships and identity

Published on 22 May 2018

This weekend considers male identity using four archetypes - king, warrior, magician and lover, and also explores the fundamental relationships of father, son, brother, husband and friend.  We will take St Ignatius of Loyola as our guide as we accompany each other on the male spiritual journey to God.  Using the wisdom of Ignatian spirituality we will offer support, challenge and encouragement, as well as times for reflection, prayer and relaxation along the way.

Note: This retreat follows from last year’s ‘Men for All Seasons’ weekend, but stands independently as well.  We are happy to welcome both new retreatants, and those who shared the journey with us last year.

To book a place on this retreat please call St Beuno's on 01745 583444 or go to the Retreats page of this website.