Meeting Jesus outside the Rock Chapel

Published on 29 Apr 2021
The Rock Chapel at St Beuno's

by Franki Gifts

Probably like most visitors to St Beuno’s I have always had a soft spot for the Rock Chapel. The walk through the muddy fields with that big key in your pocket was always a special journey! 

I remember sitting outside one time, enjoying the sun shining on my face. I had just had a talk with my prayer guide on a short Individually Guided Retreat and was simply meditating on bringing Jesus closer to me in my life. This was something I’d not really practised before but something which St Beuno’s had always encouraged and inspired me to do since my first visit years ago. The wonderful reality of Jesus as our dearest friend, with us in the normal every day as well as the transcendence.

And as I was praying to Him, opening my heart to His presence, asking Him to come and sit with me, I was indeed filled with a beautiful warm light and love. I stayed basking in the loving sensation, smiling happily with my eyes closed for some time.  When I finally opened my eyes I felt a light breeze around my legs, as if Jesus’s robes were wafting as he walked away. It sounds odd but it’s the only way that I can describe it, and it felt real to me. I remember it often.