The Journey

Published on 26 Feb 2021
Two travellers on a journey.

by Richard Hayes


One day, somewhere, our life began.

It grew more complex as we interacted

with the world, and it dawned on us:

I’m not alone. We’re all on this daily journey,

soaking up experience and, from time to time,

wondering ‘What is its meaning?’


You, the unseen, the unknown, or should I say

the longed-for, sometimes You come and surprise us

on the way, especially when we’ve lost it.

You whisper ‘I made you in My image’ and

immediately the challenge of the adventure grows.

What is that image? No quick answers here!

We can but stride on, noticing and feeling what

warms our heart, delights us, what dismays.


Maybe, amidst the Christmas forest of trees and

lights and feasting and giving in a world of fake news

and angry tweets and thuggery

of riot police and wars and…and…

the Infant in a stable whispers to the longing heart

‘You are searching for meaning on a ravaged planet

where much is dark. I came to walk with you to

give you light. I am the way…and truth…and life.


That whisper within makes the best Christmas ever.

May no lockdown or tiering frustrate our endeavour

to continue the journey though stride turns to plod –

for the meaning is LOVE and the goal we call GOD.