The Journey

Published on 19 Dec 2018

by Siân Ap Dewi


I’ve found myself again,

rediscovered my voice,

and greeted the girl within the woman.


The real me was lost for a while,

disappearing in a land where my dreams got swallowed alive by just living.


I didn’t realise that I was gone,

‘missing in action’,

purposefully propelling myself

between schools and meetings,

finding consolation in movement and busyness,

afraid of stillness, the looking-glass of the soul.


Tentatively I tiptoed back to myself,

I came home via a thousand little decisions to live, thrive and blossom.

My soul laughed, and my zest for life returned.


I put on my memories like a warm winter coat,

and walked in them,

back to the place where I last remembered seeing myself, being myself,

and embraced who I was with joy, and hope.