Fr Roger Dawson SJ, the Pedalling Padre!

Published on 09 Jun 2016

This month sees Fr Roger Dawson SJ, as the “pedalling padre” for the seventh year, taking part in the annual Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Ride as official chaplain to the battlefield pilgrims.

Fr Dawson, who was an officer with the Royal Green Jackets before joining the Jesuits, commented “The battlefield ride is a secular pilgrimage in which the cyclists face the big questions of meaning, purpose and suffering in our lives and our shared history. I am there to help them. We may well meet God on the way.”

This year the Help for Heroes Big Battlefield route follows the western front of the First World War from Ypres in Belgium down to Verdun in Northern France via Amiens and Reims, covering 350 miles in five days.

About 250 cyclists are taking part, including 20 veteran servicemen wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Participants are mainly British but will include some French, Americans and Australians.

The ride commenced with a service at Ypres Cathedral on Monday morning, 7th June.