Distracted (a convert’s journey)

Published on 29 May 2017

by Lynda Nelson

I am aged 10, lying in the long grass gazing into the endless blue sky.

I think…..is He looking down? Are we the size of ants?

Are we His great experiment?

I feel so small, like a dot in His universe.

He calls me. I try to listen. I am distracted.


I am 16. I am aware of my many sins, my shame.

He reaches out to me.

I try to listen. I am distracted.


Later, I have a husband, I have children.

I often think of Him, then I am distracted.


Many trials and many sins later, lessons in mortality,

many conversations with Him and entreaties for His Mercy.

Finally I listen to Him, accept His Mercy, and come home to Him.


I am complete.

I am no longer distracted.