Deepening Our Awareness of God Within Us

Published on 20 Jun 2017

In Deepening Our Awareness of God Within Us I have found a fellowship of people who were on the same journey as me. Seekers, people with open mind and large hearts, who have been there with me every week to listen to God, learn what his Spirit had to say to them, and share it with others. Learning and experiencing true, Spirit guided sharing in the group was a very calming antidote to busy, stressed and competitive world, where we found the beauty of listening without trying to bring attention to ourselves, without a need to justify and defend ourselves. Through DOAG, my faith has been revived in unexpected ways, in learning about myself, my deepest desires and my mission here, in discovering the power of contemplation and imaginative prayer, and in getting to understand spiritual advice of St. Ignatius and others who went down the same path before me. (Current course participant) 

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