Corpus Christi

Published on 29 Jul 2017

by Teresa McCaffery

After attending Fr. Roger’s course on the psychology of human flourishing I embarked on the habit of reflecting on good things that happen and asking myself about what caused them.

Picking the flowers of my mock orange bush on a warm, sunny Sunday morning for the Corpus Christi procession was surely one of those.  The cause of that happiness goes back many decades to a love of gardening instilled in childhood, but other factors were also at work.

Forty years ago, an elderly Quaker bought land on retirement and planted it full of trees.  At about the same time elderly parents had an unexpected baby ten years younger than his older brother.  Twenty years ago, those trees had produced many saplings and new bushes.  When I went to collect some for my garden I spotted the mock orange and the Quaker was happy to see his plants go to a good home.  The boy, meantime, had entered the seminary.

The bush flourished, and so did the souls of those cared for by the priest, who also grew in his love for God and His Church.  Wanting to increase the joyful celebrations of faith in his Parish he decided to hold a short Corpus Christi procession from presbytery to church.  We have plenty of children to strew flower petals before the Blessed Sacrament, and for the first couple of years we raided the church garden for flowers.  It was only this year that, noticing that the church flowers were not plentiful and mine were, I decided to take a basketful from my garden to church.

It was a real privilege to see my flowers strewn before the Blessed Sacrament, we laity don’t often get that chance.