The Chapel

Published on 27 Sep 2020
View through the Chapel window. St Beuno's

by Deirdre Rowe

The Chapel is the key place of gathering in St Beuno’s, the place where we come together to celebrate Mass and where we gather each evening before the Blessed Sacrament to pray in silence for ourselves, our fellow retreatants and other people who have asked us to remember them in our prayers.

Of particular significance to me are the windows in the Chapel, in particular the one behind the altar with St Beuno holding the house in his arms – a very small St Beuno’s being held close to him and I like to think of him holding and protecting St Beuno’s and all who come here during these challenging times.

The other window which I love is the one looking out on the cutting garden through which the wonderful seasonal flowers can be seen framed by this beautiful leaded window. These are the flowers which will be put in retreatants rooms to welcome them and which also provide colour and life in other parts of the house. These flowers have taken no account of lockdown and have bloomed as profusely as ever – almost defiantly! Throughout the lockdown they have reminded us of nature’s beauty and have been a source of food for our souls.

A couple of years ago I was praying in front of the crib. It was a dark January day and I was very anxious about life. I was invited by God to take the baby Jesus from the crib and to hold him. I found that to be extremely moving and as I held the tiny figure I became calm. I think that the invitation to hold Jesus close is particularly important at the moment as we prepare to open St Beuno’s again. Let us hold him close and feel his calm presence today and always.

God our Father,

Through your goodness you have given us this house.

We give thanks for all the blessings and graces received here, and pray in confident trust in your providence for the future.  We ask you to protect and guide those who live, work and pray here.  May they find peace, generosity and welcome and depart enriched by your grace.

Bless this place with your presence and look kindly on all who come here,

In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.