Celebrating 150 Years of our Rock Chapel!

Published on 08 Oct 2016

The Rock Chapel perched at the highest point of the St Beuno’s grounds was 150 years old on September 24th and the exact date of its solemn opening was marked by a silent pilgrimage of thirty plus retreatants and friends to take part in a service of thanksgiving and rejoicing for all that the Rock Chapel represents. Based on the ancient rite of vespers for the dedication of the church the ceremony of psalms and intercessions included a striking reading from St Augustine emphasising that we too as believers are a house of God built up by God’s grace and love. The interior of the chapel lit with the jewelled light of Claire Mulholland’s splendid windows was further enhanced by the flame of candles held by all as the ‘Salve Regina’ concluded the service. Built as a landmark over the Clwyd Valley and as an act of piety in reparation for the destruction of so many local shrines to Our Lady after the Reformation, the Rock Chapel was designed by an architect Jesuit studying at St Beuno’s and was opened with his first Mass as a priest. Since then it has served as a place of prayer, repose and reflection for succeeding generations of residents and visitors to St Beuno’s who find it provides a precious space in which to encounter God ‘heart speaking to heart’.


A Harrison