THE AUTUMN of our lives

Published on 29 Mar 2017

by an anonymous Friend


A brief moment of beauty, fulfilment and acceptance;

a time when effort and work are reduced, mulled over

and remembered with gladness and joy.


Autumn, the autumn of our years, comes slowly, calmly

and acceptance reduces the hurt.

Gradually the winds and chill of life weaken us

and reduce the strength of limb

but not of mind or spirit.


The spirit remembers the springtime of energy,

of new ideas and of inspiration. 

The spirit remembers the earlier years,

the years of creativity and enthusiasm

and the spirit holds those years.

They are not lost.


With the eyes of age and a sense of humour,

the spirit looks at the years of maturity and smiles.

The springtime enthusiasms waned

but the service and creativity developed and were productive.


Great works were done and legacies left. 

That time is not dead

but is there to be remembered and relished

around the fires of mutual sharing.


And the Autumnal spirit looks forward for,

in The Winter Dying,

there is to be new birth flowing

from the creating Spirit

into the

Virginal Womb of personal death.


Sinking into the Winter of God’s holding,                             

each spirit is re-birthed, re-formed

and given new life

so as to be made into God’s image

in the Eternal excitement of an

Eternal Spring.