Call for suggestions for Prayer Intentions

Published on 01 Aug 2018

The Pope's Prayer Network, worldwide and here in Britain, is asking for your suggestions to help Pope Francis discern and choose his prayer intentions in 2020.

Each month is dedicated to one or other category of intentions.

- The first category of intentions, 'Universal', highlight issues that concern all people of good will, not only Catholics: "challenges that confront humanity." These are deep concerns of the universal Church, but they go beyond its boundaries. They reflect our desire for peace and justice in the world and the commitment of the People of God to the issue identified in the Intention. The Pope himself invites us to pray and work for those issues, sending us out as a praying Church with an attitude of humble service and dialogue with the world. We are always open to collaboration with people from other religions or those who think differently from us.

- The second category of intentions, 'Evangelising', reflect challenges for the life of the Church and its mission These intentions articulate a desire to make her better instrument for evangelisation in the concrete situation of our society of today.

E-mail us at [email protected] by August 15 to propose an intention for the whole people of God to pray for, with the Pope, in 2020. The 2019 Intentions have already been discerned and selected; they can be made available to you easily, on request.

What is the process in the preparation of these prayer intentions? The faithful from around the world suggest papal prayer intentions which then are forwarded to the international office of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network in Rome. Through prayerful discernment, the international office selects a large number of them and submits them to the Vatican for further selection. Then the Pope makes the final selection. The Vatican then entrusts to the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network the official set of monthly prayer intentions, which are then translated into the major world languages, published in print and digital formats and distributed to the Bishops and the Catholic media.