Blood Coronet: Devotional Sonnets

A rosary and a dark red cloth

In this new collection of 14 sonnets, Tim Brennan presents a devotional cycle of poems based on the Stations of the Cross, or Via Dolorosa. His choice of images reflects the contemporary resonance of Christ's journey to the cross. 

I’ve spent my adult life making, exhibiting and teaching contemporary art. For many years my focus has been on place and history and this has led me to developing walks and guidebooks as works of imagination.

Walking often ignites thought and reflection. As Catholics we are never far away from the journey Christ made to Calvary. The Via Dolorosa is much more than an embodied journey. It stands for our life’s trajectory. Each life exists as a terrain to be navigated, whether across ground or water. For me, a walk is a device that is immediate, an everyday function that offers me the chance to consciously reflect upon the road to sacrifice and redemption. Walking helps me to meter out my life as prayer just as for some the prayer of the journey will be metered in other ways. The meter is embedded in the mechanics of the walk just as it is embedded in the structure of the poem.

The sonnet is an old poetic form. There is something prescient in the relationship between a sonnet’s 14 lines and the 14 stations of the cross. There is something resonant in 14 linked sonnets being known as a coronet. Here is my Blood Coronet.

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