Where I found God today

These are short reflections shared by people who are seeking God in all things. Recording these moments of finding God in our experience can help us to cultivate gratitude and an increased spirit of generosity to others.

If you would like to share a story about where you found God please send it to us.  Your reflection will be posted anonymously.

This morning I heard this question on the radio: 'Who do you most credit with the good things about you?' In the pause that followed, I instantly thought 'God.' The presenter continued: 'Your parents? Your genes? Or yourself?' I smiled. Your parents...
After a while, a slight wooziness waved over me. I blinked to refocus, only to be interrupted by a deep gurgle in the pit of my torso. Like Seymour the man eating plant, my stomach growled, “Feed me.” I sighed, pushed back my chair and opened the...
Cup of cofee, biscuits, document on table and glasses. Andrea Di, Unsplash.
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