... in writing a name

Published on 12 Aug 2017
Folded clothes on a shelf

My elderly mother is being transferred from hospital to a nursing home and we have been asked to label all her clothing. 

It has been a poignant task – reminding me of the times when I prepared PE kits and school uniforms for my children. Now, roles are reversed and I, the child, am doing this for my parent.

And added to this, is the reality that it is my maiden name which is required; a name I haven’t used for years but which is still somehow, a part of me.

So... in all this confusion of emotions, where have I found God?

A few weeks ago, on silent retreat, I prayed through the passage from Isaiah:

“I have called you by your name – you are mine.”

I have felt assured by the knowledge that my mother and I are both held and owned by our loving God. We are safely wrapped in his possession.