... in the words of Mother Teresa

Published on 13 Feb 2017
Mother Teresa. Manfredo Ferrari, Wikimedia Commons

Mother Teresa famously said 'if you want to change the world, go home and love your family.' While this has always resonated with me, the encounter with God is not always immediate – something can sound true or inspiring but not really move me to action. It is when words return to me with renewed meaning and force that the Holy Spirit is truly palpable to me.

I have never been particularly invested in politics – I don't come from a household  loyal to a specific party or ideology, and my very mixed heritage means I empathise with various conflicting political causes and groups. I have never felt that politicians were the ones with the power to truly change my life. But I have always felt my parents played a key role in my destiny. They were the ones to establish strong self-esteem in my brothers and I from the beginning and throughout our lives, and this had more transformative power on me than any policy I've witnessed within my short time on earth.

Now as a parent I feel more concerned for the future – more invested in what the politics of today and tomorrow might look like, and sometimes this can lead to harmful thought processes such as worry, pessimism, or even despair. When Mother Teresa's words that I'd heard many years ago returned to me, I knew it was God speaking to me. If you want to change the world, go home and love your family. Suddenly I truly heard it for the first time.