... in the wisdom of a child

Published on 24 Oct 2020
A statue of St Anthony of Padua with the child Jesus

As I was on my way to Mass on Sunday I passed a mother, child and father walking along the same road. I didn't immediately realise they were heading to my church too, but it became clear this was the case as we drew closer.

I had left 'just enough' time to get to Mass that morning, by which I mean arriving about one minute before the first hymn starts. The woman was walking quite quickly and the little boy, who was only 8 or 9, hurrying with her. His Dad was on the phone. 'Hurry up!' he said 'we'll be late for Mass!'.

I had to check my own watch, but could see that we had a couple of minutes to go.

I couldn't help but smile at this little lad. Normally, parents drag their children and struggle to get their on time, but in this case the young child was being the adult and advising his father to hurry up. It is wonderful to know that a sense of faith and duty is already instilled in one so young. We all might take lessons from him.