... in winter walks

Published on 14 Dec 2020
A woman walking in countryside

I love to go for a walk most days if I can and provided I am wearing suitable clothing, the winter can often be the most enjoyable season.

This year has seen many different weather variations and I think that sometimes, this has been a reflection of my daily walk with God.

There have been crisp, bright, beautiful days when I feel full of enthusiasm and energy. It is easy to step out with confidence and notice the good all around me.
More than once this winter, I have ventured out when violent storms have begun to ease off. It has been a case of picking my way through the debris, gingerly taking things cautiously and trying to protect myself as I go.
On grey, murky, cloudy days it has sometimes been difficult to get any motivation at all. Everything seems drab and rather pointless.
And then, on one mysterious misty morning last month, I could hardly see my way at all! Visibility was practically nil and I felt lost and disorientated.
Yet God was present all the time-closer to me than my heartbeat.
These different moods teach me to trust him whatever the circumstances.
As we walk on now, in such an uncertain world, with such an unknown future, may we learn to rely on Him implicitly.
“I am with you always; yes till the end of time” (Matthew 28:20)