... in wide horizons

Published on 21 May 2020
An estuary view with reedbeds to one side.

During recent weeks, in fact months as it has been now, we have all experienced our world shrinking as our capacity to travel around or even leave the house for long has been reduced.

As neither I nor my husband can drive or cycle, we are limited to the places we can get to without using public transport. For weeks we have gone on a daily walk, but since the restrictions on exercise outside the home were lifted recently, we decided to go on a much longer walk at the weekend, and walked along the river near our home until it reaches the top of the Exe estuary. In the distance you can see the point where the estuary meets the sea itself. 

I have always had an affinity for estuary landscapes for reasons I can't explain. Estuaries are elemental places where sky, wind, earth and water meet. Standing in an estuary landscape you will experience wide horizons, infinite sky and clouds. Although I know in theory that we might have done this kind of walk if there hadn't been a lockdown, I suspect we wouldn't have done - since we could have gone to some beauty spot or local town by train instead. As it is, the wide estuary horizons were brought to us by our changed circumstances. 

As I stood at the edge of the water I was next to some reeds which rustled in the winds and was reminded, as we are nearing Pentecost, of the image of the Holy Spirit as wind. My widened horizons in some way bring me closer to God.