... in the white willow

Published on 05 Jun 2020
Willow trees by a river

I went down to the river the other morning. It was a sunny day, but it had rained a lot for days, and the river was swollen and running strongly. It runs, translucent green, in a nature reserve, so you can often see egrets and even herons in flight. But after a while I stopped walking along the bank on the lookout for birds. 

My attention was caught by a white willow, standing out on the opposite bank amongst others. The trunk half submerged, silver leaves gleaming, standing there but swaying, branches bending...

I felt I was that tree. I am standing there with waters whirling and swelling around me, and currents trying to push me over. But then I feel rooted, secure. God is making me secure, and I am not afraid. He makes me stand firm, and I can sense His promise: no waters or evil will prevail on me. " For I will not leave you. I will be with you, always, and you shall live, and bear fruit".

White willow by a river