... when washing our hands

Published on 30 Apr 2020
Washing hands

We are frequently being exhorted to wash our hands often as part of the strategy for countering the coronavirus threat.  The advice is to take at least 20 seconds and to sing “Happy Birthday” or something similar.

However, one Catholic family posted to say they were saying the Our Father and the Hail Mary as they washed their hands and this seemed to me to be a wonderful idea meaning that I could pray for those who had died, those who were sick and all involved in caring for them on the many occasions when I now found myself washing my hands – a real link. I have since discovered that the Diocese of Dallas have issued a printable graphic on “How to Handwash Catholic Style”.  But as well as praying it has reminded me of the words in the hymn “and hold you in the palm of His Hand.”. In all of the current concerns we are in the Lord’s caring hands.