... in walking the dog

Published on 20 Feb 2020
A dog on a lead

I walk my dog, Shadow, every morning in the park near our apartment. Over the months it's been a great way to begin the day. It kind of jump starts me to pray and meditate.

I'm up early to do my readings. I meditate using a form of centering prayer. And I write a letter to Mother God to connect with loving God. 

Every day at the park I meditate on some aspect of the park:

1. The shade trees are like the nurturing and caring love God has for me.

2. In cold, snowy weather and I'm not feeling grateful, I start a litany of gratitude: for the change of seasons, that I have legs to walk, that I have warm clothes...

3.  There is a diversity of people who come early to the park to walk their dogs (some are harder to love than others) so I end up praying for all the people I meet and then go on to pray for friends and family.

4.  I sometimes get quiet inside and listen for guidance.