... in waiting

Published on 16 Mar 2019
White flower

Isn't waiting a drag? Quick fixes, "instant",  "now", "pronto" rule the world! Why wait? To counter this mindset starting this Lent, I thought of turning my mind to the rich opportunities for grace by just waiting. My day offers countless waiting moments that I can perhaps "trade in" for times when I lost my temper , brooded, gave in to unhealthy anxiety, and even became abominable.

I discovered that waiting, when offered to God brings about peace. It makes me more patient, more sensitive and appreciative of the present moment. Waiting with patience  heightens my awareness of nature's unfolding beauty which is unfettered by time. It is easier now for me to wait my turn, look out and about, relaxed, for an expected package, keep watch over a dish cooking in the stove, or even be oblivious to time between my children's visits. 

But some people like my very dear cousin is in an intense period of waiting. He has recently decided to discontinue years of dialysis. While most of us wait for mundane results, my cousin awaits the Final Moment. We prayerfully wait with him.