... in using a mobile

Published on 20 Jan 2021
Image of a smart phone

I recently decided to invest in a smart phone.  This thing had a mind of its own and rarely did what I wanted until my son came to visit…

“Don’t stab the phone Mum” he said. “Keep your thumb near the screen and touch it gently and accurately.”  I learned that when I ‘swipe’ it looks like I am hitting a golf ball up the fairway.

Ignatius (and the Bible) teaches that God acts on the willing Christian with a very gentle touch, just like I need to use my phone.

And what about the way I work with people?  In discussion do I hammer home my point until the listener has such a headache that they cannot remember what I said?  When I notice a fault do I try to banish it to eternity instead of giving a gentle nudge in a better direction?

Lord teach me your ways.