... in an unexpected dinner guest

Published on 27 Mar 2017
Dinner table with dinner service and folded napkins, glassware.

Hyacinth Bucket would have been impressed with the arrangements I had made for my candlelit supper. 

Invitations to eight guests, the menu was planned, the table was to look stunning and early signs were that this was to be a happy, memorable evening with delightful company. And then the email came. A couple we had invited, who we did not know well, wrote to say that they had just taken on a foster child and, if it was ok with us, could they bring the new charge with them. But my plans! What about my plans? I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me a sense of peace about their coming almost straight away and in the event all was well. The baby was very well behaved and fitted in just fine. It got me thinking though. I wonder what was going on behind the scenes when the most famous new born of all came into the world. I wonder how many of those who professed to be looking forward to His arrival found the reality of His advent and existence too much to bear. And I wonder why?