... in uncertainty

Published on 10 Feb 2017
Children running (Africa). Seth Doyle, Unsplash.

I’m in one of the slums of Nairobi; a sprawl of 1.5 km where at least 15, 000 people live. I am nervous and about to meet the community for the first time, unsure of the issues they will tell me about.

In the bustling of the slum, I find a few minutes by myself before a food insecurity and malnutrition project assessment. I sit outside the community centre and take in the community around me. I ask for some support and guidance from God, to stay strong in moments of sadness, to not get overwhelmed, to do the best job I can while I am here, and to keep me safe.

I find Him immediately, a supportive and protective friend, a presence, a feeling of reassurance and safety, standing beside me – shoulder to shoulder saying, ‘It’s okay, I’m here with you, I’m proud of you, it’s okay, carry on.’  I’m relieved, respond with thanks and ask Him to stay with me.