... in umbrellas

Published on 13 Sep 2017
Lots of people carrying umbrellas

As I was walking to work this morning I cross one of the bridges. It was raining, and a little windy, but I would not have said it was blowing a gale.

I lost count of the number of people I saw who had umbrellas, and many of them getting very cross as they battled with the umbrellas in the wind, some with broken spokes, some of them turning inside out in the wind. It reminded me of someone I used to know who used to expend a great deal of energy getting angry about things like that. Of course, I get annoyed by trivialities too , but a bit of rain is really not worth the energy!

For these people this is quite a nuisance, and it probably got their day off to a bad start. I do empathise with them, but of course this seems a great contrast of news of hurricanes in the USA and the Caribbean, causing flooding and devastation. The huge storms could be seen from space and it was terrifying to look at on the pictures from the International Space Station. 

I have noticed before how people carrying umbrellas are often wrapped up in their little world, as though it creates a bubble for them. I am often being bashed by umbrella carriers on such days, who seem pretty oblivious. Often, they actually can't see where they are going. Similarly, a lot of people in developed countries are too busy carrying on in our little bubble to think of people in developing countries or other places where climate change is affecting them hugely. I forget this sometimes. So, I am grateful for the umbrella people and their tiny battles, for putting things in perspective for me too. I hope their day gets better from here on in, but I pray even more for people affected by climate change and natural disasters.