... in Trinity Sunday

Published on 19 Jun 2019
A priest saying Mass

On Sunday we celebrated the Most Holy Trinity, traditionally a day when the priest may either struggle to explain the Trinity or avoid talking about it in his homily! 

I was pleasantly surprised by the homily at Sunday Mass in which the priest referred to the fact that we live theTrinity. But what touched me even more were his words at the end of Mass, as the youngsters who had been recently confirmed came to receive their certificates. He said that when he was young, he had been in seminary and wondered how he could ever be a priest and stand up in front of people. 'But look at me now,' he said. 'But this is not "me" but God acting in me through the Holy Spirit.' He reminded the young people that in all the things they would do in the future, the Holy Spirit would be in them. I have to confess this brought a tear to my eyes. 

I realised also that one of the things that made this priest a good priest was being able to be in touch with his own humanity and share that with us, and in so doing to accompany the people in their journey in faith. The action of the Holy Spirit.