... in tools for the job

Published on 12 Jun 2019
A tyre of a car

My son wanted to take the tyre off his car wheel and put it onto the new one he had bought. 

He had access to a lot of information on the internet and set to work. I had an errand to do but told him about a nearby garage and left him my car keys so that he could take the wheel there if necessary.  When I got back the job was done – with the help of the garage.  His comment: “That job cannot be done without tools” reminded me of a phrase in the Gospel.  The disciples had been out on mission but admitted that there was one devil they could not cast out.  Jesus said: “That kind can only be cast out by prayer”.

What does that tell us about prayer?  We should use our own skills and strength for the building of the Kingdom of God as far as we possibly can, but when all else fails, prayer is a powerful tool forged by the Blessed Trinity.  Whichever way you pray, it will get the job done.