... in a television programme

Published on 15 Jan 2020
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Last week I watched the latest series of Gareth Malone’s Choir programmes on TV. This time he has been working in a prison- a young offenders’ institution and it was a challenging project.

The final programme was moving and compelling. I am aware that directors will know how to capture their audience and often emotions can be manipulated by the screening of images. However, this didn’t matter because for me this was where I found God.
Gareth treated each young man with respect and dignity and despite some very serious crimes having been committed, we were not encouraged to judge or condemn.
In fact, I seem to recall him saying something to the effect of “there is good in each one...”
The closing scenes were ones of redemption and reconciliation. To me they could have been  illustrations  of the prodigal son.
Thank you Lord for this programme and its message of hope.