... in talking to myself

Published on 28 Feb 2017
Image of fountain and pigeons, with old men sitting on benches, credit JC Bonassin, Unsplash.

When I was ten years old I had a class teacher I hero-worshipped. Her name was Joan Higham. 

One day she said to all of us, ‘Look, like everyone else you all spend a lot of time talking to yourself. You could turn all of it into a prayer, if you just add “Jesus” on at the end of what you have just told yourself.’ Miss Higham only said that once. I don’t know about the rest of the class, but I did just that, and have done just that for over fifty years now. I soon discovered it was much more than a game.

So where did I find God today? The answer is, every time I caught myself talking to myself, because Jesus became party to my ponderings: ‘Cold today – Jesus.’ ‘Those roadworks outside are very noisy – Jesus.’

‘Day off tomorrow, Jesus, so what shall we do?’