... in taking the perfect picture

Published on 10 Oct 2019
Tintern Abbey

Just as I got what I considered to be the perfect shot of Tintern Abbey lined up in my camera lens, an unwitting tourist would walk into the frame.

This happened several times and in the end I just gave up and snapped the shot with the unwanted intruder in the frame.

It was a hot day and I found myself getting slightly irritated by unwanted people! And then a thought came to mind. Sometimes, we keep delaying doing things because we are waiting for the perfect time.  we want a clear diary before we can make a move... I must have you round when this present business is over... I will call you as soon as... And that perfect time strangely never comes...

Better just to seize the present moment, imperfect and cluttered though it may be. As Proverbs 6 v 4 says.  ‘Don’t put if off; do it now!.