... in sweetpeas

Published on 11 Jul 2019
Pink sweetpeas

I had a look at the flowers as I entered the supermarket at the weekend and wondered if I might get some with a reduced label on, to cheer myself up. Then decided that either they were too drooping or, alas, still too expensive. 

I am always ambivalent about supermarket cut flowers anyway (not so much flowers from a really good local florist) as the quality can be questionable, while the airmiles are usually worse from a moral point of view, and unless you buy Fairtrade flowers then you can also be contributing to global inequalities. Oh and they are usually wrapped in plastic! Yet a beautiful flower arrangement can be a beautiful gift and can cheer up a room. 

Then today I went for a walk along a road near my house and saw a huge amount of beautiful pink sweetpeas growing in the verge. I wouldn't want to pick wildflowers, but these were not endangered, but escapees from some cultivated variety. Nor would I pick flowers from someone's garden without their permission but these were clearly growing wild on the side of a road. 

Flowers for free. Such moments remind me of God's generosity to us. We often think of God's gifts as being theoretical, but I felt like God had given me a posy of beautiful pink blooms.